The Best Way to Communicate with Fans at your Festival

During the days that a festival lasts, the venue will become a small town full of music lovers wanting to have the best possible time.

Nowadays there are festivals that have more than 100,000 attendees in just one weekend, but even the smallest ones have enough capacity that communication can be a challenge for the organizers.

Attendees will need to know the schedule of the performances or know where they can find different services such as food trucks or the nursing service. On the other hand, organizers need to communicate changes or reinforce publicity about some performance or service offered by the festival at a specific time.

A phone showcasing a preview of FesteaPay's mobile app for festivals

Currently most of the festivals carry all the communication through social networks. They have the advantage that they are very accessible to attendees since most of them already have the necessary apps installed on their phones. However, the format is very limited and the information is not easy to find. Attendees end up searching for information in featured stories, reading important announcements in photos, or consulting out-of-date versions of schedules.

At FesteaPay we have created a platform so you can offer all this information and more to your festival attendees in the most comfortable way possible. They will not have to download an app and will have access to updated schedules, interactive maps of the venue and to recharge their cashless wristband. All this in a web app personalized with your brand identity to offer a premium experience to your customers.

Do you want a web app for your festival? Contact us today to see how it can improve your attendees' experience.

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Music venues

Do you have thousands of fans that will only be at your venue for a few hours? Do you want them to enjoy the music without waiting in endless lines?

Festea integrates without the need to purchase hardware and is the favorite payment method of your attendees.

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Draw of a foodtruck

Food Markets

¿Do you really want your guests to wait in 3 separated lines to order from different food stands? ¿Or would you rather have them wait comfortably while their order is being prepared?.

With Festea Pay your guests make their orders to all food stands through their phone at the same time, and then receive a notification when each of the orders is ready. Take your guests experience to the next level!.

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Festea implements a cashless system with mobile payments without the need for distributing RFID wristbands, installing recharge points or processing refunds for unused wallets.

Also, you'll get access to a real time communications channel with attendees to launch personalized offers.

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A client receiving their order in their seat


¿Want to eliminate hoards of people to order during half-time? Allow your customers to order with their phone and utilize catering during 100% of the match time.

Notify your customers when their order is ready to be picked up or deliver it to their seats for a premium experience.

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Digitize the bar service and forget about spreadsheets to manage stock.

Make the jump to mobile payments and validate your intuitions with analytics and reports about customer spending patterns to increase revenue.

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Unify the payment method and billing data collection across all your venues in a single interface.

Understand your customers' spending patterns and get a prediction for the required staff and stock.

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