Using Subtle Gamification to Take Your Club's Loyalty Program to the Next Level

The Team at FesteaPay · 3 min. read

From virtual points to personalized event badges, discover how to boost customer engagement, increase average spend, and turn regulars into advocates.

Embracing the Future: What Guests Expect from Cashless Payments

The Team at FesteaPay · 3 min. read

Explore the future of cashless payments at events, understanding guest expectations, security needs, and the power of personalization.

The problem with using plastic or paper tokens as a payment method

The Team at FesteaPay · 3 min. read

Say goodbye to the inconvenients of using plastic or paper tokens for event payments and learn how FesteaPay offers a faster, more convenient, and data-driven solution.

5 Dynamic Promotions and Packs for your Next Event

The Team at FesteaPay · 3 min. read

Organizing a successful event involves more than logistics and venue selection. Learn how to create a memorable event that attendees will rave about. Explore early bird specials, combo deals, brand partnerships, happy hour specials, and merchandise bundles. These strategies enhance the attendee experience and maximize revenue. Dive in now!

Beyond The Music: Unpacking the Data Behind Nightlife

The Team at FesteaPay · 2 min. read

Discover how data is transforming the nightlife industry. From sales and attendance data to staff performance and customer feedback, explore how these insights can boost your nightclub's success.

Cashless payments for one-day festivals

The Team at FesteaPay · 4 min. read

One-day festivals have unique needs and a sound cashless payment system can be the foundation for an excellent customer experience.

Making Your Street Food Market Experience Quicker and More Convenient with Cashless Payments

The Team at FesteaPay · 2 min. read

Eliminate long lines and cash handling at your food market with FesteaPay. Quick, convenient, and secure cashless payments for customers and vendors!

Implementing a Loyalty Program at your Night Club

The Team at FesteaPay · 3 min. read

Discover how a loyalty programs can help your business grow by increasing revenue and letting you get to know your customers.

Most valued aspects of night clubs for today's audience

The Team at FesteaPay · 3 min. read

The needs and wants of the club audience are gradually shifting to increasingly value the experience. We look at how a cashless payment system can help.

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