Cashless for clubs

As music festivals have returned after the pandemic, cashless payment systems have become widespread in large events. From RFID wristbands to payments made through a smartphone, safety and ease of use of these payment methods is undeniable, especially when there is such a large volume of customers and money involved.

RFID wristbands or mobile payments have appeared as an evolution of more traditional payment methods like plastic tokens because transactions are more secure and bookkeeping and billing management in such large events is greatly simplified.

However, the benefits of these cashless solutions don't have to be exclusive to music festivals. Clubs all around the world gather thousands of attendees weekend after weekend These events are massive and therefore require a large number of staff and technology to manage thousands of transactions. However, since guests spend an average of three hours inside a club, implementing a cashless system based on RFID wristbands is not an option in these environments.

What alternatives are there to manage bookkeeping and ensure security with such large volumes? The first and most traditional approach is to use paper tickets that can be purchased at a kiosk and then exchanged for drinks and food. However, long lines often occur at ticket desks which discourage guests from making purchases, bookkeeping must be done manually and data about how and how much attendees spend is not available unless they are inputted manually by bar staff.

A more modern solution is to use your phone as a payment method. Everyone has a smartphone with them all the time, unlike wristbands, which have to be issued to every attendee. Furthermore, health and safety measures during the pandemic have made guests accustomed to consulting menus digitally.

How do this systems work?

Attendees scan a QR code in any of the signs distributed throughout the event, select their order and pay directly with their phone using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bizum, PayPal or a credit or debit card. Since downloading an app is not required and the system is integrated with the native payment methods in the phone, transactions are very fast and efficient.

Once a customer has completed and paid for their order, they just have to approach one of the bars to pick up their order, where the staff will validate their purchase and give them their order, without needing to collect payment or enter order details in any other system. Hence, order preparation time and consequently, customer waiting times, are reduced significantly, in addition to eliminating possible cash-related problems at the end of the event.

After the event is over, promoters and organizers have all data about sales and demand at their fingertips. Accounting reports are also ready and they have the reassurance that all payments were securely processed. Stock management and forecasting is simplified enormously since the system already has all data about demand and sales of very event at the venue.

Want to try it for yourself?

Just scan this QR code with your phone or use this link to open a demo.

Want to see how the system works on a real event?

Check out one of the events which used FesteaPay last year!

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Music venues

Do you have thousands of fans that will only be at your venue for a few hours? Do you want them to enjoy the music without waiting in endless lines?

Festea integrates without the need to purchase hardware and is the favorite payment method of your attendees.

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Food Markets

┬┐Do you really want your guests to wait in 3 separated lines to order from different food stands? ┬┐Or would you rather have them wait comfortably while their order is being prepared?.

With Festea Pay your guests make their orders to all food stands through their phone at the same time, and then receive a notification when each of the orders is ready. Take your guests experience to the next level!.

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Festea implements a cashless system with mobile payments without the need for distributing RFID wristbands, installing recharge points or processing refunds for unused wallets.

Also, you'll get access to a real time communications channel with attendees to launch personalized offers.

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┬┐Want to eliminate hoards of people to order during half-time? Allow your customers to order with their phone and utilize catering during 100% of the match time.

Notify your customers when their order is ready to be picked up or deliver it to their seats for a premium experience.

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Digitize the bar service and forget about spreadsheets to manage stock.

Make the jump to mobile payments and validate your intuitions with analytics and reports about customer spending patterns to increase revenue.

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Unify the payment method and billing data collection across all your venues in a single interface.

Understand your customers' spending patterns and get a prediction for the required staff and stock.

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