Most valued aspects of night clubs for today's audience

The needs and wants of the club audience are gradually shifting to increasingly value the experience. We look at how a cashless payment system can help.

02/20/2023 · The Team at FesteaPay · 3 min. read

Clubbing has always been one of the go-to entertainment options for young adults like university students and people just starting to get into the work force. While it looks like it will stay that way, this audience has become more demanding when it comes to choosing where they'll spend the weekend nights. In response, clubs have stepped up their game and are fighting to improve their customers' experience beyond just offering good music to listen to.

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What attendees are demanding

Young adults are increasingly picky when choosing where to go and spend their cash. Some of the most important factors they consider nowadays are

These are all symptoms that young adults are increasingly more aware of how much valuable is their time and how they would rather spend it living unique experiences instead of just partying for the sake of partying.

When they decide to go out, they notice if a club makes them wait too much in line or if they don't have a good experience while ordering a drink. If these things go sideways, they'll probably not come back and spend their money somewhere else instead.

A lot of these issues are already being addressed by club promoters: curating better DJs, investing in state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems and trying to provide a luxury experience for they most valuable guests.

However, the reality is that most of the audience is there on a more casual basis and increasing spend of this group by a few percentage points can have a dramatic impact on revenue.

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How cashless can help

A cashless payment system can complement the enhancements already implemented by a lot of clubs to bring the ordering experience on par with the rest.

Customer experience less waiting times, have an easier time communicating with the bar staff and spend up to 30% more on average because of the convenience when ordering.

There exist different kinds of solutions for cashless payments: wristbands, tokens, mobile payments and more. Some have a high implementation cost and are perhaps not worth it for short events like night club parties but mobile payments are the perfect solution to eliminate lines to order at clubs.

At FesteaPay, we offer a solution specifically built for clubs where the majority of sales are from drinks but may also occasionally sell merchandise and food as extras. Attendees order and pay in 30 seconds with their phones (which they already have with them at all times) and just walk up to any bar to get their drink. Since they don't need to pay or communicate their order to the staff, the process is much faster resulting in increased spend and customer satisfaction.

We're always looking for new partners that want to differentiate themselves and stand out as modern venues that care about their customers and want to provide the best experience. Contact us today to discuss if FesteaPay would be a right fit for your clubs.

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