Frequently Asked Questions

What do my customers have to do to make purchases?

Attendees only need to scan a QR to access to the menu without the need for downloading an app to their smartphone. The vast majority of users already have their payment data saved on their phone, so they can be ordering in less than a minute.

The app works with Google Pay, Apple Pay and any debit or credit card, and works both on Android and iOS.

Can I customize the payment platform to match my festival's branding?

Yes. We provide a wide range of customization options, ranging from choosing your logo and theme colors to a full custom festival app. Check out our demos to get an idea of what's possible or contact us to discuss what we could do for your event.

How secure is my customer's sensitive information when using the FesteaPay platform?

Yes. We partner with Stripe and other audited and licensed payment service providers to handle all card transactions, meaning that we don't see the customer's credit card info at all, therefore eliminating the possibility of a data breach on our part. As for our service providers, none have ever had a data breach and regularly undergo security audits.

What is a cashless payment system?

A cashless payment system is a payment method alternative to cash. While credit and debit cards technically are cashless, the term normally refers to more advanced systems like payment with smartphones, wristbands or other kinds of digital wallets.

How can I implement a cashless payment system at my festival?

The first step to implement a cashless payment system is to choose the kind of technology you want to use. You should first evaluate your needs and those of your users to determine which option is more suitable for your event. At FesteaPay, we can help you decide which method works best for your event and provide a mobile payments system with our solutions tailored to each kind of event.

Are there any fees associated with using a cashless payment platform?

Short answer: yes. Cashless payment systems are generally built on top of traditional credit and debit card networks, and those always charge payment processing fees which still apply when paying through a cashless system. These fees range between 1.5% and 3% for most cards. These fees don't include the cost of services provided by the cashless provider.

How can I ensure that my customers are able to use the cashless payment system effectively?

FesteaPay's interface for customers and staff is very intuitive and was designed do minimize the time it takes from wanting to order to having received your products. Therefore, you should not expect any difficulties during your event. We do recommend letting your attendees know that there will be a cashless system ahead of time and are happy to provide material customized to your event's brand.

What if the cashless payment system goes down during the festival?

Having technical issues during your event is something we want to avoid at all costs, so we have reinforced our infrastructure to be able to handle even the most extreme peak demand times. In the unlikely event of network connectivity issues, our systems are designed to reconnect quickly and using minimum bandwidth to ensure any incident is as short as possible. No matter what happens, we have a team on call at all times during an event which will be there to help if needed.

How do you eliminate lines?

The greater part of the time a customer spends ordering at the bar is spent writing down the order and collecting payment. For the second part, one can use a prepayment system like tokens. For the first part, the current trend is to not write down the order at all, leading to data loss.

Festea not only provides a cashless payments system but also frees bartenders from having to input the order. They only have to scan a QR code and give the customer what the reader app tells them. In this way, you get the benefits of a cashless system without missing out on any data, unlike with other cashless systems.

What data will you be able to review?

You'll be able to analyze the exacta number of orders of each product, as well as the benefit you get with each one of them throughout the events to be able to manage the stock in the simplest way possible.

Is it posible to use my own brand in Festea?

Yes. We offer a white label solution to our customers with established brands so that their users can enjoy a unified experience. We create an web app exclusive to you using the technology that powers Festea and the colors and design elements from your brand. Contact us to know more about white labeling.

What are the advantages of Festea comparted to cashless wristbands?

Festea provides all the benefits of cashless without creating the need to distribute wristbands or manually input orders for future data analysis.

  • No wristbands are needed: eliminate recharge points and the need to refund unused credit to your audience. Everyone has the menu on their phone to order and pay.

  • Analytics without the need to manually input data: bartenders only need to focus on preparing and serving orders, without the need to write down orders thereby greatly reducing the time it takes to serve an order

┬┐What are the benefits of Festea compared to tokens?

Festea removes lines, allows you to cut down on staff and puts your data to work, without missing out on the benefits provided by tokens.

  • Get rid of cash. Forget about having your staff touching cash and increase security. In fact, you won't even need to setup a token purchase both, with which you eliminate a bottleneck and truly get rid of cash handling at your event.

  • Eliminate lines. Since recharge points are not required, Festea cuts the number of places where lines can form in half. Moreover, thanks to the fast cashless payments technology and to the fact that it's the customer who inputs their order, lines will not be formed at bars themselves.

  • Data, data and more data! Get data on what exactly is being sold in real time, without burdening your staff with having to manually input orders. Since it's the customer who chooses and inputs their own order, your staff will only have to scan a QR code and give the customer what the reader app tells them. Every piece of data will be saved to provide you with precise analytics and predictions for future events.

┬┐What is the difference between Festea and Festea Pay?

Festea Pay is our brand for promoters, music venues, festivals and clubs, to which we offer a complete mobile payments solution to eliminate lines at their events and increase revenue by 30%.

Festea is our app targeted to end users. During your events, they'll use the Festea app to make their orders and receive your notifications. Outside of events, Festea works like a social network to discover new places and events. In this way users keep the app on their phones and you get to keep a communications channel with them.

If you already have your own brand and want to give your users a unified experience, we offer a white-labeled solution which allows you to use the technology that powers Festea in an app made just for you and your brand.

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