In The Park

In The Park is a day festival hosted in Seville, Spain about once a month. Their events are designed to cater to a wide range of audiences, from young adults to families with children, offering a variety of activities and entertainment throughout the day.

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Managing cash payments in a crowded event was difficult and posed a security risk

In The Park's main source of profits was the sales of refreshments at their events.
In The Park was looking for a secure and reliable cashless payment solution to streamline their payment processes and improve the customer experience.

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Crowded event bar with cash payments

Webapp, QR scanner for vendors, sales system for organizers

The solution is made up of three apps: a webapp for attendees, a QR code scanner to validate orders for the event staff, and a backoffice interface to manage billing and access analytics for organizers.

Photo of attendee using the FesteaPay app to order food and drinks

Attendees could access the menu and place orders through the mobile webapp, pay with credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay, and received a QR code for each of their purchases.

Photo of vendor scanning QR Code with the FesteaPay scanner

Vendors could scan the attendee's QR code with the FesteaPay scanner to validate the purchase, view order details, and fulfill the order.

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The sales system for organizers provided real-time data on sales, inventory, and customer behavior, allowing them to make informed decisions about pricing, inventory, and staffing.

Business screenshot with graphs/orders

To ensure a seamless experience, we provided the necessary hardware for the system to function such as tablets and mobile devices for vendors.

We went the extra mile by setting up a point of information booth staffed by our team to answer any question that could arise. We also placed posters with QR codes of the menu throughout the venue, and signage indicated the location of the Fast Queue and Food Pickup point. We created a frictionless experience for both attendees and vendors.

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Going cashless enhance the experience for everyone involved

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