Mobile POS for the XXI century.

Transform any phone into a point-of-sale and stop waiting for your antique device to be available.

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How it works for you.

Select the products

Select the products your customer wants directly from your phone.

Automatic sum up

Let the app calculate the total for you and ask your customer to pay.

Contactless payment

Charge any card via a contactless payment, just like a regular POS!

Unlock the Power of Data.

Festea phone POS is more than just a fast POS - it's a powerful tool for collecting and analyzing data to help you understand your customers' interests and make informed business decisions on sales, inventory, and customer behavior.

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Update your POS terminals and enhance the experience for everyone involved

If you are looking to improve the payment process at your venue, FesteaPay's mobile POS solution can help. Contact us now to learn more and schedule a demo.

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See it live at In The Park.

See how Festea helped In The Park city festival to manage the payments of their event.

Foodtruck staff using the FesteaPay hardware Foodtruck staff using the FesteaPay hardware Foodtruck products Foodtruck staff using the FesteaPay hardware

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