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Everybody wins when there are no lines

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Eliminate lines with mobile payments

With Festea Pay your guests make their orders to all food stands through their phone at the same time, and then receive a notification when each of the orders is ready.

Immediate mode.

For products prepared on the spot, like drinks and merch.

  • Order anything from the app and pay in seconds.
  • Go to the bar with your QR code to get your order on the spot.

Pick up later.

For products that require some preparation time, such as warm food.

  • Browse the menu at your own pace. Order and pay through the app.
  • Order confirmed! Your staff will get notified about the new order through our companion terminal app.
  • Order ready! Customers get a push notification telling them where to pick up their order when it's ready.
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Sales analytics

Analyze sales distribution across different bars to get an optimal distribution of your staff resources and manage stock automatically.

Target your audience

Generate dynamic pricing schemes depending on the type of client to which you are targeting the event. Create a loyalty program with offers that unlock after a certain number of orders.

Automatic billing

Simplified billing management to submit your quarterly tax fillings.

Under your own brand

Your logo, your colors, your branding.

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Did we not get exactly what you do?

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Music venues

Do you have thousands of fans that will only be at your venue for a few hours? Do you want them to enjoy the music without waiting in endless lines?

Festea integrates without the need to purchase hardware and is the favorite payment method of your attendees.

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Festea implements a cashless system with mobile payments without the need for distributing RFID wristbands, installing recharge points or processing refunds for unused wallets.

Also, you'll get access to a real time communications channel with attendees to launch personalized offers.

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¿Want to eliminate hoards of people to order during half-time? Allow your customers to order with their phone and utilize catering during 100% of the match time.

Notify your customers when their order is ready to be picked up or deliver it to their seats for a premium experience.

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Digitize the bar service and forget about spreadsheets to manage stock.

Make the jump to mobile payments and validate your intuitions with analytics and reports about customer spending patterns to increase revenue.

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Unify the payment method and billing data collection across all your venues in a single interface.

Understand your customers' spending patterns and get a prediction for the required staff and stock.

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Your unique business

We can adapt Festea to suit your needs so that you can provide a unique experience for your audience.

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