All the festival information at a glance.

Introducing Festival Web Apps, the all-in-one point of information for your festival. Set times, favorites, notifications, food options, cashless recharge and more.

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Set times.

Say goodbye to publishing schedules on the social networks every day and make it easy for your attendees with favorites and reminders.

Find your top artists

Your attendees will love the convenience of always knowing which sets are live and which ones are just about to start.

Tag as favorites

Let your attendees plan their experience easily by allowing them to save their top artists as favorite and filter the schedule conveniently to see when they play at a glance.

Receive a reminder

Send a notification to your attendees 15 minutes before a concert starts so that they >never miss their favorite artists and stay engaged with the festival.

See it at Cruïlla Festival 2023 And how they can improve your attendee's experience

Map, gastronomy, cashless recharge...

Make all information accessible in one place instead of having attendees look for it across the website, social network posts and stories. These are some things your guests can do:

  1. Access the web app with a QR code.
  2. Check out the map, set times, merch and available food options.
  3. Recharge their cashless wristband with ApplePay, GooglePay or Credit Card.
  4. Enjoy the festival.

No more digging through Instagram Stories for the link during a concert - just tap and go. Try Festea Web Apps at your next event and experience the convenience and speed of having all your information at a glance.

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Unlock the Power of Data.

Festea is more than just a web app - it's a powerful tool for collecting and analyzing data to help you understand your attendees' interests and make informed business decisions.

Photo of attendee using the FesteaPay app to order food and drinks

Analytics about app usage and services available at your festival. Discover at what time your attendees need each of your services and be prepared to meet their demand.

Photo of vendor scanning QR Code with the FesteaPay scanner

Discover what concerts interest your audience the most and how they move around stages in your festival. Classify your different audiences according to the data and prepare bars and schedule performances to satisfy the demand.

Choose a color combination

Your brand

Brand your web app.

With Festea, you can easily customize the web app to match your brand, ensuring a seamless and cohesive experience for your event attendees.

Choose your primary and secondary colors, and upload your logo to create a web app that reflects your brand identity.

Need more personalization?

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Cruïlla Festival 2023.

See how Festea helped 24k Cruïlla attendees to have all the information about the festival and how it has made a difference.

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